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Monday, September 26, 2011

Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway Suit Up on the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman and Catwoman are facing off on the streets.
It's not much to go on, but when it comes to the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan flick The Dark Knight Rises, we'll take anything we can get our greedy little hands on. Including shots of Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway in their full Batman and Catwoman costumes!
These pictures are just the latest to show off Nolan's vision for the costumes of several Batman characters. Fans recently got their first look at Tom Hardy's villain, Bane wearing a costume which he told us is "hard to breathe in,"  the first (and much-debated) picture of Hathaway in action as Catwoman, and the first look at her as Selina Kyle, beating up a dude while munching on an apple. Video of the Batwing also recently leaked, showing off Anne Hathaway's Catwoman stunt double in action!
And now we see she's got the mask, the ears and the meow to totally pull this thing off. ...Though we would never, ever bet against Christian Bale because that dude is one serious super hero.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prince William wants Pippa to move in Entertainment

Prince William wants Pippa Middleton to move in to Kensington Palace with her sister.

The British royal - who currently resides in Wales with his spouse Kate Middleton - is worried she will be lonely while he is on duty as a search and rescue pilot and has asked her younger sister Pippa to spend time at the couple's Kensington Palace apartment in London.

A source told Life & Style magazine: "Pippa and Kate can't wait to move in together. Pippa recently spent time with Kate in Wales, which Kate loved, and William is relieved because Pippa will be able to keep an eye on her sister and make sure she takes care of herself!"

William is reportedly determined to ensure that his wife's transition into the royal family is as smooth as possible and has previously said maintaining his and Kate's close relationship with her family is a priority.

The source added: "The last thing William and the Palace want is a repeat of the Princess Diana early years, when she felt cut off, lost, isolated and lonely."
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What Do you mean about Carbon Neutral ?

The term carbon neutral is bantered around a lot lately, and has no completely agreed upon definition, nor standards for accountability. However, basically being carbon neutral refers to a state where the “CO2 produced by a person or process is exactly balanced by the amount of CO2 offset by that person or process."
To achieve carbon neutrality, four main avenues need to be addressed.
• The usage of low-energy vehicles or their elimination of them by the use of bicycles, walking or mass transit
• Minimizing CO2 emissions from buildings, factories, animals, etc.
• Focusing on the usage of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, or switching to biofuels
• The remaining unavoidable CO2 emissions are dealt with via carbon projects or credits
Biofuels, which don’t reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but don’t contribute to it either, are derived from renewable resources such as vegetable oils and animals fats. They do not leave a carbon footprint, as the CO2 it releases is absorbed by plants. In a process called photosynthesis, the CO2 is converted into glucose by the plant, which can be converted into sugars and starches, with the possibility of being converted into bioethanol. The oils remaining in this process can be converted into biodiesel.
It is interesting to note that the checks and balances are so efficient that for every grams of CO2 released when a biofuel is burned, a gram was removed by this photosynthesis process just a few months prior. Soybean plants are grown for the purpose of producing the biofuel and at the same time offer the CO2 absorption that is necessary for carbon neutrality.
Being carbon neutral is increasingly seen as good corporate or state social responsibility and a growing list of corporations and states are announcing dates for when they intend to become fully neutral.
At the Antioch University New England, they have set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2020. They are preparing to become dependent of fossil fuel-based sources of energy for their electrical needs. Their action plans are centered on these four areas, are being adopted by other universities, and could set a blueprint for communities nationwide.
• Conservation – Bring awareness about green-building policies, master planning and purchasing.
• Efficiency – Conduct an energy audit and incorporate the use of energy efficient appliances
• Carbon off-set purchasing
• Renewable Energy
Being carbon neutral reduces greenhouse gas emission and their effects upon the environment. The process starts with individuals and their commitment towards a healthy future for the planet. Check your carbon footprint and begin steps to lower your impact today.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Angelina Jolie fuelled Brad Pitt to humiliate Jennifer Aniston?

The issue of Brad Pitt making humiliating remarks about Jennifer Aniston is getting deeper, alleging that, Angelina Jolie has fueled Brad to do it.
The ‘Troy’ star, Brad Pitt took his words back, after humiliating his former wife Jennifer Aniston, by saying that, he had an uninteresting and pathetic marriage life with her. But, now he said that, he has not intentions, to diss or humiliate her and insisted that, she is his good friend. Now, the question pops up that, why would Brad say, such harsh words about her, when she feels her as a friend and it points somebody else behind the screen.
 As per the reports, it was suggested that, the ‘Salt’ star and wife of Brad, Angelina Jolie has fueled and forced Brad Pitt to humiliate Jennifer Aniston, the current girlfriend of Justin Theroux. The reports added that, Angelina specified those particular words to Brad to say, which is the actual opinion of Jolie about the ‘Horrible Bosses’ star Aniston. It was also said that, she has a knack for getting Brad to do her dirty work.
Angelina reportedly seems to be behind Jennifer Aniston, despite seizing Brad out of his marriage with Aniston and still keeps the competition going on. It was also suggested that, Angelina always keep on reminding Brad, about the charity work they have done together and how it made them strong more than with Aniston. She feels that, Aniston is dull and leads a limited life. She could not even bear that, Brad has loved Aniston in the past. She also wants Jennifer to learn that, Brad has picked Angelina and chose to have a family with her.
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Borrow Books on Your Kindle? Yes I Can!

With today’s announcement by Amazon, the collection of books available to users of their popular Kindle e-reader device just grew by leaps and bounds.
The best part? Kindle users didn’t even have to pay a dime.
In partnership with mobile book lending app OverDrive, Amazon has arranged for Kindle users to peruse thousands of books in the collections of participating libraries, and when available, “check out” an e-book using their Amazon account. Overdrive, a leading e-book lending system, has had its own free iOS and Android app on the market for over a year now.
Of course, not every library is up to speed just yet; however, over 11,000 libraries in the United States have e-book collections tied to the OverDrive system. With that kind of coverage, why partner with Amazon?
By having their name tied to the online book sales powerhouse, OverDrive gets its name out there, tied to the Kindle’s Whispersync suite of note-taking, highlighting and bookmarking features. When your e-book is returned, these customizations are retained on your Kindle, to be found once again when/if you decide to re-check out (or buy) the book. Amazon gains the popular lending features of OverDrive, extending its service base well beyond the traditional sales model without having to do a lot of heavy infrastructure lifting.
“We are thrilled that we can be part of bringing library books to the unparalleled experience of reading on Kindle,” said OverDrive CEO Steve Potash. Do I smell a take-over buy-out somewhere down the road? With more than 15 million ebook checkouts under its belt last year, OverDrive is a literary fruit ripe for the picking.
Want to check things out for yourself? Simply contact your local library, to make sure you have appropriate login information for OverDrive (typically your library number and a PIN,) then have your library show you how to get your hands on your favorite electronic novel. Most participating libraries visually identify which titles are available for temporary download.
Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t fret. Kindle Library Lending, as Amazon calls the new service, is also available via their free app, which works on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.
Expect a grand unveiling of the Kindle Lending Library sometime “later this year,” according to Potash.
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Avatarland Coming to Disney!

Remember the videos of those people who pretended they were characters from the movie Avatar, dressing up with blue makeup and frolicking in some seedy forest? To this day, I’m not quite sure if it was a funny hoax, or they seriously wanted to commune with a fake planet Pandora. According to a recent press release, the cosplaying Pandora wannabes might want to put in an application with Disney soon, to do it full-time, for pay.
According to the Huffington Post, James Cameron, director of the record-breaking sci-fi fantasy movie, has penned a deal with none other than Disney, to build Avatar-themed attractions in their theme parks.
Wanting it to be an immersive experience, Disney is said to be including futuristic animatronics, holographs, and other 3-D type technologies to give you the feeling of being in the lush forests of the planet Pandora. Expect a number of life-like robotic animals to roam about, including the hammerheaded Titanothere, the slinky black Viperwolves, and the giant T-Rex cat-mix, the great Palulukan.
I can just see the just-right-timed photos of people as they exit the rides, caught in the moment as they swoop down on their mechanical Turok Leonoptryxes, colorful skies filling with floating mountains all around, ready to leap on the back of the biggest Turok of all alongside Jake Sully, and become Toruk Makto.
Construction is said to begin in 2013, and will run $400 million to create. Construction is likely to take a number of years, but take heart — in the meantime, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are set to be released in theaters in December of 2014 and 2015, respectively.
Can’t wait!
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Kim Kardashian Shakes Her Moneymakers

Kim Kardashian and her sycophant sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, have been whoring their asses out all around New York City.
To promote a new season of their shitty reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Honestly, who watches that shit?
Someone must: it keeps getting renewed.
Anyway, Kim is doing what she does best, as you can see in the pictures: working those now-legendary TITS and ASS to get our attention.
Some people say Kris Humphries doesn’t know what the hell is going on, but I say we’re all underestimating the dude: he’s probably gonna make more coin from this reality TV shit than shooting hoops, and he gets to hit THAT to boot?
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pippa Middleton Sits Front Row at London Fashion Week Show

Pippa Middleton made a name for herself after she wore an emerald-green Alice Temperley gown to her sister Kate Middleton‘s wedding reception. To show her appreciation, Pippa sat front row during the Temperley runway show at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 at the British Museum on Monday.
Of course, Pippa turned heads again at the show by showing off some leg in a short mini dress.
But Pippa made sure to keep her legs tightly closed as the cameras took pictures of her sitting in the front row.
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Gwyneth, Heidi, Kate, and More Get Gorgeous on the Emmys Red Carpet

There was a great deal of glamorous women's fashion on the Emmys red carpet in LA last night. Outstanding supporting actress nominee Christina Hendricks glowed in a studded Johanna Johnson alongside her husband Geoffrey Arend and Julia Stiles looked lovely in Georges Hobeika Couture. Heidi Klum represented Project Runway in a custom Christian Siriano gown with her sexy man Seal on her arm while Jane Krakowski got glam in a lamé J. Mendel. Julianna Margulies, who picked up the award for outstanding actress in a drama for her role in The Good Wife, went strapless in a white Armani Prive.

Lots of ladies made a statement in bold red dresses including Kerry Washington and Sarah Hyland. Kate Winslet, who won her first Emmy for her work in Mildred Pierce, chose an Elie Saab gown in the hue. Nina Dobrev wowed in a bright Donna Karan dress with a gorgeous train while Glee's Lea Michele went with a backless Marchesa. Sofia Veraga maintained her sexy status with a Vera Wang look in a coral color.

Presenter Katie Holmes made a late entrance to the show in a blue Calvin Klein while an Elie Saab-clad Emily Blunt hit the red carpet by John Krasinski's side. Parks and Recreation's Amy Poehler, who was nominated for outstanding actress in a comedy series, chose a tight Peter Som for her turn in front of the cameras. Charlie's Angels's Minka Kelly wore a lacy long-sleeve Dior gown in navy, and Claire Danes rocked a sparkling strapless Oscar de la Renta.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who won her first Emmy for her guest spot on Glee before tonight's show, showed skin in a cutout lace Pucci and Kristen Wiig picked a Zac Posen gown. Modern Family's Julie Bowen was decked out in a dramatic Oscar de la Renta to accept her award for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy while Melissa McCarthy also picked up an honor in a deep purple custom creation. Kelly Osbourne matched her subtle purple hair with a J. Mendel gown for her turn on the carpet before taking care of her reporting duties in front of the cameras.

There were so many amazing looks from the event tonight, so be sure to vote on all of our love it or hate it Emmys polls!
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Windows 8 to include phone calling capability?

I love it when puzzle pieces seems to just fall into place. If the three pieces I found yesterday were any indication then it looks as if some Windows 8 slates will actually have the capability to make and receive phone calls through the cellular network. Cue the giant Windows Phone jokes.
The first was inconspicuously displayed at a BUILD 2011 session on tiles and notifications. On a slide showing off all the different default layouts of tiles possible in Windows 8 with samples from built-in apps, a “Missed calls” tile lists a number of received calls.
The second, during a video demo by Windows Live via WinRumors, a detailed view of a contact in the “People” app gives the ability to call the person’s mobile along with email, SMS and chat. While there’s the possibility Windows Live calling is VOIP based, the mobile number would suggest otherwise.
Finally, Rafael Rivera who analyzed the system configuration of the Samsung developer preview slate handed out at BUILD with a fine tooth comb found an Option wireless chip for the WiFi, GPS and 3G capability also included telephonic voice capability. Notably the radio supports quad-band 2G and peta-band 3G.
Even though tablet devices with phone calling capabilities are usually ridiculed for being giant phones, I think the option of being able to contact friends and family through voice calls on any device with a microphone is a useful utility, even if it’s not the primary mobile device.
Of course this also paves the way for the Windows 8 kernel to pave the way for future versions of Windows Phone OS based on it.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Subaru BRZ is still invisible

You can tell how far a concept car is from production by the ratio of glass to its total surface area. Concept cars tend to be airy bubbles of glass which, when faced with the harsh reality of crash standards and production costs, quickly gain the gun slits that modern cars have for windows. By that metric, Subaru’s BRZ—the artist formerly known as the Subieyota—is quite a way from becoming what it hints to one day become: a new SVX.
It’s nothing more at the moment than a lovely Subaru drivetrain in a glass shell. Did you know that Subaru have been making boxer engines since 1966? I didn’t. The BRZ will of course have the latest one.
What it will also have is a very, very low center of gravity, helped by that boxer and, presumably, a yet to be invented technology to make the car’s body from a weightless force field. We’ll see. It’s certainly very low. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate, but almost Miura-low.
It will be the ultimate sleeper if it ever makes it into production with more than a modicum of that glass shell.
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Mercedes-Benz F125! gullwing fuel cell concept leaks ahead

Omni Auto reports that Mercedes-Benz will debut the F 125! gullwing coupe concept seen here at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show.

According to Omni Auto, the F 125! concept showcases M-B's design direction for the 2025 CL-Class. It's unknown if the German automaker intends to make a production CL that's fueled by hydrogen, but if the German automaker does, then Omni Auto says its likely that the setup featured in the F 125! that will be used. In this case, that means four electric motors cranking out a combined 231 horsepower. That level of grunt allows the F 125! to hit a top speed of 137 miles and zip from 0 to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds. According to Omni Auto's leaked information, Benz says the F 125! consumes 0.79 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers and that the stylish coupe can travel up to 621 miles on a full tank.

As you can probably tell, the F 125! draws styling cues from the automaker's F800 Style concept, a four-door sedan that debuted at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. However, the prototype F 125! features a chassis made from a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum and plastics along with a unique carbon fiber tank to hold hydrogen at 700 bar. The gullwing's 10-kWh lithium-ion battery pack allows the 125 F! to travel approximately 31 miles before activation of the on-board fuel cell is required.

Look for us to post live shots and more details on the Mercedes-Benz F 125! concept when it debuts in Frankfurt, but for the moment, be sure to check out the image gallery to see the concept's trick slide-out trunk and stylized design.
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2011 Audi R8 V10 Spyder

For all of their vast experience in the auto tuning world, Mansory has never built a project for the Audi R8. Sure, there have been Ferraris, Porsches, and Mercedes’, but no Audis.
All that, however, is about to change since the German tuning company has brought their very first program for the Audi supercar. The package is actually for the R8 V10 Spyder, which will be introduced to Mansory expertise courtesy of cosmetic, aerodynamic, and performance upgrades.
Fresh off of the box are the aforementioned cosmetic and aerodynamic improvements, which include a new bonnet, a new front grill, side skirts, and a new rear bumper. There’s also a new front spoiler that provides more downforce, a new rear apron with an integrated rear diffuser, and a set of 20" lightweight forged Mansory wheels rounding out the physical modifications on the R8 V10 Spyder.
Mansory is also offering a comprehensive interior program for its customers. Depending on tastes and preferences, customers can choose to dress up their R8 V10 Spyder with a new leather upholstery with Mansory couture and carbon applications, illuminated door entry strips, and aluminum pedals and footrests.
Of course, making the car prettier is not the only significant part of this Mansory-tuned R8 V10 Spyder. There’s also the matter of the car’s 5.2-liter V10 FSI engine, which sees a significant performance upgrade in the form of a newly-installed sports air filter, and a news sport exhaust system. The resulting modifications give the R8 V10 Spyder a performance boost that takes an already powerful 525 horsepower all the way up to 552 horsepower, to go with an increased peak torque of 406 lb/ft of torque.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Rocks Out With Lenny Kravitz in London

Gwyneth Paltrow joined Lenny Kravitz last night for an afterparty following his Absolute Radio show at London's outpost of The Box. The concert was organized in honor of Lenny's new record Black and White America, but Gwyneth has her own accomplishment to celebrate — she won an Emmy over the weekend for her appearance as Holly Holiday on Glee! Her evening with Lenny was the latest in a string of fun, English outings. Gwyneth joined Coach for Fashion's Night Out last week and was also toasted at a dinner hosted by the brand, which brought out her husband, Chris Martin.
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Your smartphone camera is now smarter with Goggles 1.6

Today, we launched a new version of Google Goggles that enhances the camera on your Android-powered phone. With this new opt-in feature in Goggles, you can simply photograph an image using your phone’s camera, and Goggles will work in the background to analyze your image. If your photo contains items that Goggles can recognize, the app will notify you.

Let’s say that I’m going on vacation, and I decide to use my Android-powered phone as my primary camera. Goggles would identify landmarks, paintings and other interesting objects in my photos. I can share these facts about my vacation with my friends right from my Goggles search history.

(l-r) Goggles has found a search result for this popular landmark; Find out more about this item in your photo within Google Goggles

Photos you take with your phone’s camera will only be seen by Goggles if you enable the Search from Camera feature. Here’s how:
  • launch Google Goggles
  • tap Menu > Settings > Search from Camera

Manage your opt-in status from the settings menu

Google Goggles 1.6 is available for Android 2.1 and newer devices. Download by clicking here or by scanning the QR code below:

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scott Disick Takes Kourtney Kardashian On A Date

It’s really nice to see Scott Disick trying very hard to be better person after his drinking problems in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see him take girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian on a date in New York City.
Kourtney looked colorful wearing a blue shirt, a floral print skirt while accessorized with a brown clutch as she made her way out of the car while Scott, as usual wore a black suit – looking serious as ever. Could there be some trouble in their relationship? It wouldn’t a shock after the Kardashian sister revealed she is still scared Scott will turn back to his alcoholic ways when he is out with his friends.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: My Sister Ali Has “Never” Had Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan is only 17, but some recent pics of her make us think she’s already had plenty of plastic surgery!” begins a piece on HollywoodLife, which caused a slew of other sites to suspect the teen had gone under the knife.
According to HollywoodLife, which tends more to instigate than investigate, “Ali was photographed at a Beverly Hills salon with her big sister Lindsay on Sept. 6, and we can’t help but notice she looked like a totally different person from just two years ago! We understand she’s still growing up, but it’s hard to not make the leap and theorize she’s had some work done!”
However, maybe the site shouldn’t “make the leap and theorize.” Instead, the blog should do some reporting.
In an effort to sensationalize its story, HollywoodLife took one, odd photo from 2009 of Ali Lohan — when she was just 15 — when they could have just as easily taken another photo (below, right) from that same year, and there would have been less of a drastic difference between how she looked then and how she looks now.
Of course, she’s also now two years older, wearing more makeup, and clearly the teen has certainly lost a lot of weight during her budding modeling career.
But did Ali Lohan really have plastic surgery?
Lindsay Lohan tellls , “No way! Never!”
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Kim Kardashian is NOT Mystery Buyer sex tape

Kim Kardashian is NOT the mystery buyer trying to yank her infamous sex tape off the market -- this according to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch, the man who currently owns the tape.

Hirsch tells TMZ, he still doesn't know who the mystery buyer is -- but a rep for the interested party insists ... it ain't Kim ... or anyone even remotely associated with Kim.

Steve tells us, "It made sense the entire time it would be Kim, but it appears it’s not.”

According to Steve, the buyer will reveal his identity if the deal gets done -- and explain once and for all why he/she wants to pull the tape from the market.

Steve says he met with the buyer's rep several times in the last week -- but the buyer's still several million dollars short of Hirsch's $30 million asking price.

A source close to Kim tells us, Kim NEVER had anything to do with the deal -- but she’s very curious about who's behind it ... and why someone she doesn't know would want to do her such a huge favor.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal reach final US Open

Facing two match points against a beloved player whose name is already in the history books, Novak Djokovic clenched his jaw, nodded his head and flashed an ever-so-slight glimpse of a smile."I would lie if I say I didn't think I'm going to lose," Djokovic said.
Might as well go down swinging then, right?
He turned violently on a wide, 108 mph serve from Roger Federer for a cross-court, forehand winner that barely nicked the line. The fans in Arthur Ashe Stadium, ready to explode for a Federer victory, instead found themselves taking a cue from Djokovic -- who raised his hands, asking them to pump up the volume, and give him a little more love.
About 10 minutes later, those fans were dancing with Djoko as he boogied at center court to celebrate an epic U.S. Open semifinal win -- one in which he dug out of a two-set hole, then saved two match points to beat Federer for the second straight year.
Top-seeded Djokovic won 6-7 (7), 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5 Saturday to improve to 63-2 on the year and set up a rematch in the final against No. 2 Rafael Nadal, who beat No. 4 Andy Murray 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 in the second semifinal.
In the first match, Djokovic completed only his second career comeback from two sets down, while Federer lost a two-set lead for the second time in less than three months after going 178-0 lifetime before this year's Wimbledon quarterfinals.
It all turned on one shot.
"The forehand return, I cannot explain to you because I don't know how it happened," Djokovic said. "I read his serve and I was on the ball and I had to hit it hard, and it got in, luckily for me."
Nadal beat Djokovic in the final last year, but Djokovic is 5-0 against the Spaniard this year. All the meetings have been in tournament finals, including Wimbledon. On Monday, Nadal must try to stop the losing streak against a player who will come into the final on the high of a win he called definitely the biggest of the year and "one of the biggest wins of the career under the circumstances."
"He's obviously the favorite for the final, and I know I have to do something better than the other matches to try to change the situation," Nadal said.
Djokovic spent much of the first two sets shaking his head, commiserating with the folks in his players box, even folding his hands in mock prayer. Then, he turned things around suddenly and unexpectedly.
He got an early break in the third to capture the momentum, and as the match wore on, the prospect of Federer grabbing it back, let alone getting a match point, seemed bleak.
In the fourth set, Djokovic placed 16 of 20 of his first serves in and tore off his first 15 service points to easily push the match to the distance.
The fifth-set end-game started with Djokovic serving at 3-4 and stringing together an uncharacteristically bad game, getting broken at love on two mishit forehands, a framer of Federer's that set up a winner and a double fault on a second serve that missed the line by about a foot.
After missing a backhand to open his service game at 5-3, Federer hit three straight serves Djokovic couldn't get back. That gave him two match points, same as he had last year against Djokovic in the semifinals, and the fans were squarely on his side, as he stood oh-so-close to making his 24th Grand Slam final and moving a win away from adding to his record 16 Grand Slam titles.
But Djokovic isn't putting together one of the greatest seasons in tennis history for nothing. And Federer wasn't totally convinced the shot that turned the match was legit. He said the Djokovic winner reminded him of shots hit by players he played as a kid -- who fall behind, then start taking huge chances when they feel they have nothing else to lose.
"I never played that way," Federer said. "I believe in the hard-work's-going-to-pay-off kind of thing, because early on, maybe I didn't always work at my hardest. So for me, this is very hard to understand how can you play a shot like that on match point. But, look, maybe he's been doing it for 20 years, so for him it was very normal. You've got to ask him."
But Federer couldn't put it away on his second match point, either.
There, his serve hit the back of the line and jammed Djokovic, but somehow Djokovic got it back. Federer cranked a forehand, but it ticked the net and ricocheted out. Federer sprayed a forehand wide at deuce and suddenly, a crowd gearing for a Federer win was shouting "No-vak! No-vak! No-vak!"
Djokovic said it was no insult that the fans had been behind Federer, who makes some kind of history seemingly every time he steps on a court.
Still, the current world No. 1 wasn't giving up on capturing their hearts. Which was why he made a scene between the match points -- an awkward time for showmanship, though one Federer said he had no problem with.
"At that stage, you're trying to get as much support as you can," Djokovic said. "You're trying to get energy."
Stoked with that energy, Djokovic won the last four games and, counting the two match points he saved, he took 17 of the final 21 points.
The match took 3 hours, 51 minutes, while Nadal's win was a 3 hour-24 minute affair.
But thanks to the rain that scrubbed two days of play from this tournament and reshuffled the schedule, Djokovic and Nadal will get a day's rest between the semifinal and the Monday final. It's a break from the long U.S. Open tradition of closing things out on back-to-back days on the weekend.
Murray and Nadal were each playing their third match in three days and the toll showed more on Murray, who had the tougher road.
"We knew it was going to be like that for quite a few days and just tried to get through it and deal with it the best way we could," Murray said. "But it was never going to be easy."
Fittingly, given how things have gone lately, the start of the Federer-Djokovic semifinal was delayed for about an hour because showers began falling shortly before the players were supposed to walk on court, which had "9/11/01" painted in white to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
In the men's opener, Djokovic avenged one of his only two losses this season. He fell to Federer in the French Open to snap a string of 43 straight victories -- the third-longest win streak in the Open era.
Federer, meanwhile, was trying to win at least one Grand Slam tournament for the ninth straight season and appeared more than ready to keep the quest alive.
For two sets, at least.
After that, Djokovic turned into a steamroller, leaving the unmistakable feeling that a shift of power was being completed -- from Federer, who won three Grand Slam tournaments each in 2004, 2006 and 2007, to Djokovic, who is trying to do it this year, along with Nadal, who is still very much in that mix.
Nadal and Djokovic will meet for the third time over the last five Grand Slam finals.
But even with the loss, Federer showed he's not done.
To move within a point of the match after the way Djokovic played the third and fourth sets was a testament to what the 30-year-old still has left in the tank.
"I did all the right things in so many tournaments," Federer said. "But like I said, sometimes in sports it just goes the other way. Maybe you've already won so much that it evens it out a bit sometimes. I don't know."
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US Open 2011 Celebrities: Adrian Grenier, Alec Baldwin, Brooklyn Decker & More

As Day 5 of the US Open heats up, let's take a minute to look back at the celebrities who have been spotted at Flushing Meadows this week.
Alec Baldwin got cozy in the stands with his new girlfriend, Brooklyn Decker cheered on husband Andy Roddick, Michael Bloomberg recovered from hurricane response and Alexander Skarsgard provided a pleasant distraction. Check out pics of these folks and more below:
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Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Things That Will Make Your Tweets Pop!

Every day we work at it: toiling away on our social media networks, doing what we can to reach our customers and broaden our client base. Twitter is one of the simplest platforms to use when reaching out to people, but you may not be tweeting to your best advantage. So, what can you do to make sure that people actually want to read your tweets and can get the most out of them?
Here are ten things that you should be doing with your tweets in order to make them stand out. The only way to reach out and grab the attention of your followers (and that of future ones) is to have some interesting things to say!
1. Be Unique
When you find an interesting article or video that you want to share with your followers, don’t just copy and paste the title into your tweet. Instead, try to put together your own unique spin on it and give them an idea of what is in store for them
when they click on the link.
2. Keep It Short
Twitter limits your tweets to 140 characters, which may not seem like a lot. But really, you’re not supposed to be writing a book here. Keeping it short lets you give only the necessary information without a lot of fluff. Try to keep your tweets to around 120 characters. That way, followers can add their own opinions when they retweet.
3. Think of Your Tweets as Headlines
When writing articles, the sure-fire way of getting readers is by having an attention-grabbing headline. The same goes for your tweets. Make them easy to read and catchy in order to induce your followers to reply or click on the added link.
4. Use Interesting Facts
People love finding out new tidbits of information. These can be random statistics about a topic that is related to your own business. Giving your followers an interesting fact will be more likely to encourage them to click on a link than a boring title.
5. Tweet With Your Own Voice
Don’t tweet like an automaton. Readers want to know that there’s an actual person on the other end of those tweets, so write as you would speak. This gives your tweets a hint of your own unique personality, which followers love.

6. Get Your Timing Right

In order for your tweets to get noticed, you need to make sure you’re publishing them when your followers are the most active. Take note of when you get the most replies and retweets. This is when you should be the most interactive with your followers.
7. Add Value
There are a wide variety of reasons that people use Twitter, from how to collect stamps to the newest techniques in web design. Whatever your reasons for using Twitter, focus on tweeting about those specific topics. When you concentrate on one or two topics, followers will see you as a valuable source of information.
8. Be Interactive
When it comes to your followers, think quality and not quantity. Get them to interact with you, ask questions, and make sure you’re responding to their own questions too.
9. Add Helpful Links
Since tweets are limited, including a link will allow you to share more information. You can include links to your blog, an article, or your webpage. Use your tweet field to include an interesting way to lure them in.
10. Get Them Thinking
Your tweets should always leave your followers wanting more. You want your tweets to be thought-provoking because that’s how you get your readers to stay connected to you and want to interact with you even more.
What works for you in your tweets? Do you have any extra tips for enhancing the Twitter experience? Share with us! We’d love to know what works for you!
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Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

As the Bold 9900 is the latest smartphone from RIM, it is obviously also the greatest in a long line of QWERTY smartphones. Blackberry users will want to know how it performs as a Blackberry device, and others will want to know how it compares with other smartphones available on the market. We’ll go over all that, but let’s look at how RIM presents the Bold 9900: The “thinnest Blackberry yet”, with “liquid graphics” (whatever that means), “superior performance”, “captures life in HD”, “breakthrough technologies”. Those are… bold claims, but does the Blackberry Bold 9900 Series live up to the marketing pitch?
Before getting into the review, let me tell you how I use the phone so that you can see where I’m coming from, and why I see things the way I do. We all have different usage patterns, so dogmatic reviews are not that useful to many readers. Instead, I’ll try to give you a good sense of how (and why) things worked for me, and you should be able to figure out if that will work for yourself. If you have more questions by the end of this article, please drop a comment or some feedback. I’ll do my best to address them.
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Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Very Real. I’ve Seen It, Played With It.

It’s called simply the “Amazon Kindle”. But it’s not like any Kindle you’ve seen before. It displays content in full color. It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. And it runs Android.
Rumors of Amazon making a full-fledged tablet device have persisted for a while. I believe we were one of the first to report on the possibility from a credible source — the same person who accurately called Amazon’s Android Appstore. That source was dead-on again, it just took Amazon longer than anticipated to get the device ready to go. They’re now close.
How do I know all of this? Well, not only have I heard about the device, I’ve seen it and used it. And I’m happy to report that it’s going to be a big deal. Huge, potentially.
First of all, before every commenter asks, no, sadly, I don’t have any pictures to share. That was the one condition of me getting this information. So instead you’ll have to rely on my prose to draw a picture of the device in your head. Or you can just look at a BlackBerry PlayBook — because it looks very similar in terms of form-factor.
So here’s what I know and what I saw:
Again, the device is a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive touch screen. It is multi-touch, but from what I saw, I believe the reports that it relies on a two-finger multi-touch (instead of 10-finger, like the iPad uses) are accurate. This will be the first Kindle with a full-color screen. And yes, it is back-lit. There is no e-ink to be found anywhere on this device.
Earlier this week, reports suggested that a 7-inch Amazon tablet could be released in October, with a larger, 10-inch version to follow next year. That’s somewhat accurate. As of right now, Amazon’s only definitive plan is to release this 7-inch Kindle tablet and they’re targeting the end of November to do that. The version I saw was a DVT (Design Verification Testing) unit. These have started floating around the company. It’s ready, they’re just tweaking the software now. If it’s not in production yet, it will be very soon.
Originally, Amazon had planned to launch a 7-inch and a 10-inch tablet at the same time. But that plan changed this summer. Now they’re betting everything on the 7-inch. If it’s a hit, they will release the more expensive 10-inch tablet in Q1 2012.
So how much will the 7-inch Kindle cost? $250.
Yes, Amazon has been able to trim the cost of the device to half of the entry-level iPad. And it will be the same price as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color, which this will very obviously compete with directly. Both have 7-inch color touch screens. Both run Android.
And this is where things get really interesting. As anticipated, Amazon has forked Android to build their own version for the Kindle. Simply put: it looks nothing like the Android you’re used to seeing.
The interface is all Amazon and Kindle. It’s black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange. The main screen is a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes which displays all the content you have on the device. This includes books, apps, movies, etc. Below the main carousel is a dock to pin your favorite items in one easy-to-access place. When you turn the device horizontally, the dock disappears below the fold.
Above the dock is the status bar (time, battery, etc) and this doubles as a notification tray. When apps have updates, or when new subscriptions are ready for you to view, they appear here. The top bar shows “YOUR NAME’s Kindle” and then the number of notifications you have in bright orange. It looks quite nice.
There are no physical buttons on the surface of the device. You bring up a lower navigation menu by tapping the screen once. This can take you back home, etc.
But the key for Amazon is just how deeply integrated all of their services are. Amazon’s content store is always just one click away. The book reader is a Kindle app (which looks similar to how it does on Android and iOS now). The music player is Amazon’s Cloud Player. The movie player is Amazon’s Instant Video player. The app store is Amazon’s Android Appstore.
Google’s Android Market is nowhere to be found. In fact, no Google app is anywhere to be found. This is Android fully forked. My understanding is that the Kindle OS was built on top of some version of Android prior to 2.2. And Amazon will keep building on top of that of that over time. In other words, this won’t be getting “Honeycomb” or “Ice Cream Sandwich” — or if it does, users will never know it because that will only be the underpinnings of the OS. Any visual changes will be all Amazon.
They are not working with Google on this. At all.
There is a web browser (of course), and while it’s styled a bit to match the Kindle UI, it looks pretty much the same as the Android’s WebKit browser. Yes, it has tabs! And yes, Google Search is still the default (the Kindle also has its own search tool to find content on your device).
Overall, the UI of this Kindle felt very responsive. You can flick through the carousel seamlessly. This is something Amazon has apparently been working on quite a bit, I’m told. And they continue to. Some of the page-turning touch mechanics still needed a bit of work in the version I used.
I believe the visual web reading app Pulse will be bundled with the Kindle. A game like Angry Birds may be as well. Again, it uses Amazon’s Android Appstore, so all of the content accepted into that store will play well on this device. Apps, games, content, you name it. Amazon creating their own app store is starting to make a lot more sense, and looks potentially very smart (as anticipated).
A few more bits about the hardware:
I believe it is running on a single-core chip (though I’m not 100 percent sure). My understanding is that the 10-inch version, if it comes, will have a dual-core chip.
I also believe the device only has 6 GB of internal storage. The idea is that this will be more of a “cloud device” for things like music and movies. The storage is meant for storing books and apps There were a few references to an SD card expansion, but I couldn’t find a slot on the hardware itself.
This initial version of the device will be WiFi-only. Amazon is supposedly working with carriers to possibly product 3G-enabled versions (as they have with their other Kindles), but that won’t be the case at launch.
I’m not sure what the battery life is like (I only played with it for about an hour), but I imagine it is very good and in line with other tablets — 10 hours or so.
The back of the device is rubbery — again, it’s very similar to the PlayBook (it’s black as well). The power button is underneath if you’re holding it vertically (which is a bit odd — but it’s obviously to the side if you’re holding it horizontally). There’s a micro-USB port (presumably for powering the device as well). The speakers are of the top of the device (again, if it’s being held vertically).
There is no camera.
So why will people buy this device instead of a Nook Color? Well, beyond the deep Amazon services integration, there will be two other reasons, I believe. First, Amazon is going to promote the hell out of this thing on Second, the plan right now is to give buyers a free subscription to Amazon Prime.
The service, which Amazon currently sells for $79 a year, gives users access things like free unlimited two-day shipping, and no minimum purchases for free shipping. More importantly for this product, Prime users get access to Amazon’s Instant Video service. There will be more Kindle-related perks, I imagine.
As far as the existing e-ink-based Kindles, all I’ve heard is that they’ll continue to co-exist with this new tablet (though the DX may or may not stick around). They’ll simply be the low-end, low-cost Kindles, whereas this new one will be the high-end one (at least until the 10-inch version comes out, if it does). One source said it doesn’t seem likely that Amazon is going to release a touch-screen e-ink Kindle, like the new Nook, anytime soon. But none of that is confirmed, it’s simply speculation based on the emphasis on getting this new tablet to market.
Oh and one more thing: Amazon has been working on a multi-touch screen/e-ink hybrid tablet device. But that’s nowhere near completion, I’m told. So for now, this new Kindle will have to do.
That’s all for now. I suspect even more information (and pictures) will start leaking out soon — again, the new Kindle is very close to being done. Not only is the device real, from what I’ve seen, it’s solid. I suspect it will be on many people’s holiday wish-list this year.
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Angelina Jolie Joins Jane Goodall's New Film

Angelina Jolie smiles while leaving a film production company on Thursday (September 8) in London, England.
The 36-year-old actress reportedly had a meeting at producer and director Ridley Scott’s office.
Angelina will be making an appearance on chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall’s cinematic biography Jane’s Journey.
“I was delighted when she told me she would be excited to be a part of the film,” Jane told People. “Sometimes, caught up in the moment, people promise to give their support but don’t, or can’t come through. That was not true with Angelina.”
The film, which will debut in select theaters September 27, chronicles Jane’s travels around the globe, personal footage from her childhood, and her charity work with Angelina.
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Kate Hudson's dad ready to 'tell all' in new book

Kate Hudson may be a privileged actress, but she’s about to experience one of the downsides of fame – relatives writing tell-alls.
According to Radar Online, the star’s dad, Bill Hudson, has a book coming out titled “2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family” (which also seems to have two titles: Online retailers display it as "So You Are a Star: The Other Side of Fame and Family").
It's expected to detail Bill Hudson’s marriage to Goldie Hawn and his complicated relationship with their actor children, Oliver and Kate Hudson.

"Life in the spotlight is not without its consequences, and the Hudson family was no exception," the book's website reads.
Bill, 61, was married to Goldie from 1976 to 1980, during which time the couple had Oliver and Kate. Shortly after their divorce, Goldie met life partner Kurt Russell.
The book description says that after the divorce, “Bill found himself in the middle of the controversial issue of parental alienation.”
Bill Hudson has previously accused Kate of being a  “spoiled brat” who's "neglected" her Alzheimer’s-stricken grandmother.
"Kate doesn't have to talk to me and she doesn't have to give her a dime of her millions," he said in an interview with RadarOnline in January. "All I want is for her to call and say, 'Hi grandma,' before it's too late… She should help her grandmother." He also wants the actress to meet her little sister.
"I love Kate," he said, "but... She has done stuff which is just awful.”
Bill, who found fame with 1970s group The Hudson Brothers, also married “Laverne & Shirley” star Cindy Williams.
The book's website says that "Bill is ready to share his fascinating Hollywood stories of life as a teen idol and husband to two famous women, Goldie Hawn and Cindy Williams," adding, "Hopefully, at some point, this family will be able to have a healthy adult relationship before it's too late."
Bill Hudson’s book will be released on November 1. Will you read it?
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BMW to Make Laser Headlights Twice as Efficient as LEDs and 1,000 Times Stronger

Laser beams could be the next addition to the list of über cool vehicle gadgetry. The engineers over at BMW are currently working on a laser headlight system that they believe could be available in a BMW series production within the next few years. The laser beam headlights will open up a world of safety features, will be twice as efficient as LED headlights, and can be up to 1,000 times stronger. The ultra efficient lighting update will save energy — and therefore gas, with their current engines — but we’re a little worried they’ll be keeping their BMW drivers safe while blinding drivers on the other side of the road.

Laser light is very different from sunlight. It is monochromatic and is made up of waves that have a constant phase of difference. Because of these features, laser headlights could produce a beam that is completely parallel and exact. BMW says their technology will take the original blue laser lights and convert them into a pleasant bright white light that is suitable to road traffic. They are saying that these converted beams of light pose no risks to humans or wildlife — good to know that future BMW’s won’t be zapping roadside beings as they drive by.
Laser diodes are 100 hundred times smaller than the LED diodes currently proliferating in the auto lighting industry; lasers are just ten microns in width. The size of the diodes would allow engineers to explore new positioning of headlights and new body styling. Engineers are currently working on developing new functions for these new, super efficient diodes and are featuring their new laser lighting in the BMW i8 Concept.

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Jamaica's Usain Bolt lights up worlds as Kenya make 1500m history

Sprint star Usain Bolt rebounded from his 100m disqualification to scorch to 200m gold on Saturday, while Asbel Kiprop won a first-ever men's 1500m title for Kenya.
The 25-year-old Jamaican defending champion and world record holder crushed the field in the 200m, winning in the fourth fastest time ever run - 19.40sec.
Only Bolt, twice, and American track legend Michael Johnson have run faster.
He may have been slowest out of his blocks, but Bolt wasted no time in making up ground on American Walter Dix outside him.
Coming into the home stretch, Bolt, teeth clenched and muscular arms pumping, gave one glance across the lanes and then pinned his eyes on the trackside clock at the finish and went for it.
"I feel great. I'm still the best," Bolt said. "I made a mistake in the 100m but I would have won it."
Dix claimed silver in a season's best 19.70sec with Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre coming through strong at the end to take bronze in a national record 19.80sec.
"I wanted to bring the USA the gold but it wasn't to be, I had to console myself with silver. He was just too strong," Dix said of Bolt.
Earlier in the evening, a masterclass in middle-distance running saw Kiprop add the world 1500m title to his Olympic crown.
The 22-year-old Kenyan stood firm in the sprint for home, compatriot Silas Kiplagat taking silver and American Matthew Centrowitz bronze.
Remarkably, it was the first time a Kenyan has won the 1500m event at the worlds, although Kenyan-born Bahraini Yusuf Kamel and American Bernard Lagat (2007) are holders of the last two world titles.
"It makes me happy to be the first Kenyan to win the 1500m," said Kiprop. "Running with Kiplagat and others gives me motivation to run next year in the London Olympics."
Asbel and Kiplagat's medal showings further confirmed the east African country's status as the dominant nation in middle distance and long distance running.
"I'm happy with the medal haul," said Kiprop. "We've been trying to balance up the medals table, to win the same amount as the girls!"
Sally Pearson handed Australia a first gold, winning the 100m hurdles in a new championship record of 12.28sec, American Danielle Carruthers winning silver in a photofinish from compatriot Dawn Harper.
"I have worked so hard to get here to this," said Pearson. "I've got faith in my coach and with my training I could not be happier, so I'm not surprised by this win."
There was, however, heartbreak for two defending champions, Blanka Vlasic of Croatia and Norway's Andreas Thorkildsen.
Injury-hit Vlasic was denied a unique title hat-trick when Russian Anna Chicherova won the high jump on countback (2.03m).
And Thorkildsen was pushed into silver spot by Matthias de Zordo in the men's javelin, the German tyro nailing 86.27m.
After winning silver in the 400m and bronze in the 200m, Allyson Felix eventually got a gold running the second leg of the US women's triumphant 4x400m relay team.
The morning session saw Sergey Bakulin lead Russia to a 1-2 finish in the world men's 50km race walk to further confirm the country's top ranking in the gruelling discipline.
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Doping is like cancer, say veteran coaches

India’s historic triumph in the 4x400 metre women’s relay events at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games was short-lived after three of the four gold-winning athletes tested positive for banned substance methandienone. The quartet of Manjeet Kaur, Sini Jose, Ashwini Akkunji and Mandeep Kaur were toast of the country until their shameful act was exposed. Only Manjeet Kaur’s reputation remains untainted.
Ashwini’s scandalous doping involvement came as a rude jolt to the athletics fraternity who were already beginning to mention the tainted Udipi girl and the Indian living legend P.T. Usha in the same breath. Ashwini, after winning two gold medals in the Asian Games — 400m hurdles and 4x400m relay — was the next big thing in Indian athletics. But for all the success Ashwini garnered in a short span, the downfall was swift.
The overall picture in Indian athletics is anything but rosy. As many as a dozen contestants from various track and field events have been pulled up for misuse of drugs that enhance their performances.
Tamil Nadu’s promising sprinters Suresh Sathya and Sharadha Narayana’s names too figured in that list of misdemeanours.
Veteran coaches, P. Nagarajan and M.V. Rajasekhar were undivided in their call for eradicating and educating the doping menace at grass-root level. The duo also added that foreign coaches were rather a bane than boon. Point in case is the Ukranian coach Yuri Ogorodnik’s involvement in the dope scandal. In fact, one of the tainted athletes, long jumper Harikrishan Muralidharan, came in the open to reveal Yuri’s hand in doping.
“Doping is like cancer; even if one affected cell is left behind, it can lead to destruction. More than anything, a sincere effort from athletics is needed to fight the doping problem. They should be well-informed about the harmful side-effects these supplements can cause,” said Nagarajan of the St. Joseph’s Prime Sports Academy.
Rajasekhar of the Universal Foundation, who has been in the coaching field for nearly 18 years, added: “Nada has been doing a good job. But they would do well to crack the whip right from the junior national level. Parents should also keep a close tab on their children. Any radical changes should be addressed immediately. The Russians and Ukranians have brought about the downfall of Indian athletics. Knowingly, they administer the intake of banned substances.
“Nonetheless, every athlete should be held responsible when they indulge in this misconduct. They should be punished harshly. Even their jobs should be taken away when found guilty.”
According to Sathya’s coach, M. Riaz, the TN athlete might have been oblivious of his crime. “Sathya trained under me and I am sure he never indulged in any malpractice here. I guess something could have happened at the national camp. At times, the pressure of winning can get to you.
“The camp authorities, however, are washing their hands off the issue and the poor athletes are always left to face the music. The Nada and the Wada should properly underline what kind of food supplements an athlete should take or refrain from. As far as Sathya is concerned, it should not have happened in the first place. He might have unknowingly had an intake of liquid protein. Sathya is mentally very strong and has been training hard recently. I am confident he will put this incident behind and come back fighting,” said Riaz.
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LeAnn Rimes Is About To Bust Through Her Tiny Tanktop

Here’s Leann Rimes doing her best to show off her ginormous bosom while prancing around Malibu the other day, and yeah, a ridiculously tiny tanktop definitely does the trick. Hell, you wouldn’t have a problem seeing those huge babies even if she decided to wear a parka. But I definitely prefer said tiny tanktop, because she looks banging in that skimpy little thing. Yeah, I totally dig this girl’s weird yet sexy body. What can I say? I dig scrawny babes with large bosoms. Having said all of that, only dig everything from the neck down. Hey, I have some standards you know! Enjoy the busty hotness/weirdness!
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Miley Cyrus Covers 'Prestige' September 2011

Miley Cyrus looks gorgeous in Gucci on the cover of Prestige magazine’s latest issue.
Here’s what the 18-year-old actress and singer had to share:
On whether she’s a Southern or California girl: “I’m not a big fan of LA, I’ve got to be honest. I like being able to work here, but any chance to go back home [to Tennessee], I love it. People really take life for granted in California. It makes me sad sometimes. So I have to give myself that reality check every once in a while and go back home.”
On if she misses Hannah Montana: “No [laughs]. I miss the family vibe, but I don’t miss the routine at all. I was so bored doing the same thing every day. It’s a lot easier not being on a show, to live my life a little bit and do some of the others thing that I want to do, I don’t have to be back at a certain time. You’re not worrying about a cast schedule or what the producers are going to think. I’m so grateful that I was able to be on that show, but even my little sister, who’s 11, wants to go into acting. I just say, “Just wait, dude.” Because the way you’re going to be when you’re my age and the way you are right now are so different. Don’t put yourself in a situation where people re going to think of you as only one thing.”
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Kris Humphries Proposes to Kim Kardashian!!!

Since there was no drama regarding Kim Kardashian's answer to Kris Humphries' marriage proposal, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'  went with tension regarding how he would go about proposing ... and when.
The first plan involved the whole family, though only Kris Jenner knew what was happening. But when Kris and Kim fought on the way over, he felt the time wasn't right. So he set up an elaborate proposal moment in their home, which was perhaps even sweeter.
Kim walked in to the words "Will You Marry Me?" in rose petals with Kris kneeling behind him holding the ring. It was then that he asked her. And while she admitted she was speechless, it was still pretty funny that she waited until after she saw the $2 million ring to say, "Yes."
We couldn't help but think back to the argument, which came about because Kim told Kris he was going to have to move from his "dorm room" apartment into something a little better so she could continue to live the lifestyle that she's accustomed to. In other words, his world wasn't wealthy-looking enough for her.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition Unveiled

Toyota has a long history of building rugged off-road trucks, the latest of which is the FJ Cruiser. And if you’re looking to match capability with Jeep’s “Trail Rated” machines there’s no better way to do so than with a more off-road capable Trail Teams Special Edition.

The latest Trail Teams model is available exclusively in a Radian Red paint for 2012 with black painted door handles, bumpers and front grille. Up top a set of off-road lights improve night time visibility, while inside there’s plenty of red accenting to go with the new paint color. Getting dirt into the Trail Teams model is part of the fun and getting it out is easier thanks to water resistant seats, plus a rubber floor and rear deck.
The standard 260-hp 4.0-liter V6 engine get a cyclone pre-air cleaner (another standard FJ goodie) to trap dirt, while off-road capability has been enhanced with an off-road package that includes Bilstein shocks, TRD wheels with BFG All-Terrain tires, rock rails, as well as skid plates for the engine, fuel tank and transfer case. Also standard is a rear differential lock and Toyota’s A-TRAC traction control system.
Other items that come standrad on the special edition model include a multi-information display, remote keyless entry, cruise control, 12V/100W and 115V/400W outlets, a back-up camera integrated into the rear view mirror and the final touch, a Trail Team badge.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Angelina Jolie Takes Daughters on Whirlwind Shopping Spree

It seems pretty evident that the Jolie-Pitts are enjoying their time overseas while daddy Brad Pitt is filming World War Z.
We saw the kids spend some quality time with good ole grandpa, and now Angelina Jolie took her daughters Shiloh and Zahara for a retail-therapy girls day out on London's King's Road.
And as you'd expect, they shopped till they dropped (a lotta cash, that is).
MORE: Angelina Jolie's Famous Dad Takes Grandkids on an English Outing
The trio, seen here in front of La Stupenderia Milano, decided to hit up French Connection, where they browsed and the new fall collection.
Guess these gals make up their minds quickly, because Angie spent £1,300 (about $2,427) on kids clothes, jewelry and womenswear in less than 20 minutes!
According to a store rep, Jolie's purchases included a gold pendant necklace and a faux-fur jacket Zahara adored. Lucky girl!
The actress, who wore cropped black trousers, a black cardigan and oversize sunglasses, was said to be incredibly friendly and engaging with customers and staff, taking pictures with those who asked.
A source says a shy fan questioned, "Is it embarrassing if I ask ask for your autograph?" And Angelina simply responded with, "Oh, dear don't be silly. Of course not!"
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Kris Humphries No Bones About Kim's Sex Tape Past

Kim Kardashian's husband is well aware of his wife's XXX past ... but sources close to Kris Humphries tell us, "He could care less about the sex tape."
In fact, we're told Kris truly had "no idea" who Ray J was when Kim's sex tape partner sat next to the NBA star on a recent flight from L.A. to New Orleans.
But after a few hours on the plane, Ray J finally approached Kris and said, "Come on, You know who I am ... I just want to say congratulations." Kris reportedly replied, "Oh yeah, yeah I know who you are."
Sources close to Humphries tell us, "Kris really didn't know who he was" ... but once Ray J reminded him, it didn't matter to him because Kris is simply not bothered by Kim and Ray J's previous relationship.
Sources tell us, "Kris feels that Kim's past doesn't affect her present or future ... he just doesn't care."
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Kate, Pippa Middleton to get hands on ‘miracle’ cream

They have been sent Lancome's Visionnaire - a skin product that has a months-long waiting list at top department stores, such is the rush to buy it.
The lotion, which costs 57 pounds for a 30ml bottle, was shipped straight to Kate, 29, and 27-year-old Pippa, as well as 'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson, 21, who is an ambassador for the French beauty brand.
It is claimed to be so good at correcting small skin imperfections that women will feel no need for cosmetic surgery or Botox.
Across the country, the customers have been so desperate to get hold of it they have paid in advance at some stores.
"Emma, Pippa and Kate are all lucky girls to get their hands on this," the Daily Express quoted an insider for the brand as saying.
"It has been selling out at over 50 units a day at Selfridges in London since its initial trial launch two weeks ago. The biggest waiting lists are in Frasers of Glasgow and Fenwicks of Newcastle, where they've got hundreds on their lists.
Women have pre-paid for the product because they are worried the stores are going to sell out," the source added.
Lancome claims the serum is the best repairer of sun damage available on the High Street.
It is said to contain the first of "a new generation of multi-tasking molecules" that work on every part of the skin.
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