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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyonce: Pregnant with First Child!

At Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce made a big announcement: She's pregnant.
"OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the carpet! !!!!!," MTV tweeted on Sunday night, with a photo of the singer-actress with her hands on her stomach.
Beyonce's rep confirmed the news to Just Jared that she would be expecting her first child with husband, Jay-Z. She and Jay-Z were married in 2008 after dating for six years. Last year, Beyonce was rumored to be pregnant but her mother shot down the reports.
"B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn't ready to be a mother just yet," her mother Tina Knowles said during an appearance on Ellen.
Beyonce is set to perform during the ceremony, with Jay-Z and Kanye West added to the lineup for a "surprise" performance of "Otis," the second performance of the night.
At the end of Beyonce's performance, she rubbed her belly at the end of the song.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Racing Cars and Sports Cars Since 1884

Mercedes Benz Racing Cars and Sports Cars Since 1884 Mercedes Benz Racing Cars and Sports Cars Since 1884: Now in Print
The new book titled “Mercedes-Benz Racing Cars and Sports Cars Since 1884” is already out. Written by Gunter Engelen, a renowned technical writer who already penned several books regarding the brand is composed of 680 pages of Mercedes-Benz history.
“Günter Engelen has worked seven years and included seven decades of his knowledge have to cover the essentials of competitive vehicles in almost 125 years of automotive history,” said the head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Mercedes-Benz Museum and CEO Michael Bock. The book has stories in pictures of motorsport racing and sports cars of the brand since 1894. Engelen told the story of each era and the most famous vehicles and models.
The rich compilation of Mercedes-Benz history is very much informative as the author is very adept when it comes to the vehicles of the company. With precision and accuracy he describes the most famous models of Mercedes cars in this book.
Engelen worked as an automotive journalist since 1985 and served as staff to several magazines with focus on vehicles and the auto industry. Other than that he has helped in producing great books for Mercedes-Benz that shared and narrated the story of the brand.
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Hilary Duff Pregnant

Here’s a pregnant and already glowing Hilary Duff prancing around North Hollywood and trying to hide her tummy while looking as uber cute as all hell. Ummm, ok, am I the only one who doesn’t see the point of the Duffster trying to hide her slight baby bump (if she even has one already) when everyone and their granny knows that she’s knocked up? So silly. Anyways, I really couldn’t care less… not when she’s showing off a hint of her growing cleavage and her drool-inducing gummybear thighs! booya!
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Audi A8 Hybrid

In spring of 2010, Audi and parent company Volkswagen AG joined a growing group of carmakers planning to integrate hybrid and electric drive into their model lineups. Among the several plug-in and hybrid-electric vehicles Audi unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show was the A8 hybrid. Though details about the car were scarce at the time, Audi this week confirmed it for production and revealed a wealth of new information about the forthcoming luxury hybrid sedan.
In a press release, Audi announced that the A8 hybrid will enter production in 2012, and will carry a 211-horsepower four-cylinder engine supplemented by a 54-hp electric motor. Combined, the powertrain will net a maximum 245-hp and provide 345 lb-ft of torque. The car can run on electric power alone at speeds of as much as 62 mph for up to 1.8 miles, and has five distinct operating states: gas-only, electric-only, gas-electric, battery recuperation, and power-boosting. Twin displays will show what state the car is operating in, giving the driver a choice between pure-EV mode when the battery is charged, D mode for maximum gas-electric efficiency, and S mode for more power.
Audi claims the A8 will achieve slightly less than 37 mpg in overall fuel efficiency, though because the car is yet to be confirmed for U.S. production that number is likely to result from the far more generous European test cycle. Currently, the most fuel-efficient A8 available in the United States is the 8-cylinder model, which achieves a combined EPA-rated 21 mpg.
Audi is in the process of diversifying its powertrain options, and will offer five different versions of the A8 in Europe beginning next year. American customers can look forward to diesel versions of the A8, A6, and Q5 sometime in the next two years, with the A8 TDI delivering an estimated 35.6 mpg (also under the Euro test cycle.) Audi is rumored to be considering adding a plug-in hybrid version of the A4 to its lineup as well, though that car would also be unlikely to initially be available in the U.S.
Why are Audi and other luxury European carmakers so reluctant to immediately bring hybrid and plug-in electric versions of their cars stateside? Because they don't have to. Europe is several years ahead of the United States in escalating its fuel economy standards—meaning that companies like Audi can, for the time being, meet the American CAFE mandate with more efficiently tuned gas cars and a smattering of new TDI models. If consumer demand for fuel economy rises in U.S., it's likely that many of these manufacturers might speed up their plans to bring their hybrid and electric models here. Otherwise, Americans may have to wait until rising government standards catch up with Europe.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries's Honeymoon

Kim Kardashian may be done with the wedding, but the honeymoon phase is just beginning for her and her new husband, Kris Humphries. The two were caught having an intimate moment while on honeymoon in Italy, totally oblivious to the cameras watching them. They should try to keep the PDA indoors before some scandalous photo escapes and ruins their marriage!
Kim K and Kris were caught eating dinner and then getting a little frisky. In one shot, Kim is straddling Kris, and in another, Kris is on top of Kim—shirtless!—ready for some action. Shouldn't they be more cautious? Kim Kardashian has been in this business long enough to know that there are always photographers looking to cash in on an intimate moment between her and her boyfriend-cum-husband.
The pair seem to be enjoying their short honeymoon—and each other! But, will the sizzle last when they return to the real world and their hectic schedules? Hopefully they will work something out so that they don't spend much time apart!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child.
Reps for the 39-year-old actors confirmed the news to the Associated Press on Monday.
According to the AP, the couple is “thrilled” over the news.
Ben and Jen who married in 2005, have two children – Violet, now 5, and Seraphina, 2.
Jennifer has spoken before about her joy over being a mom, telling Parents magazine in 2009 that it opened her heart.
“The best part of being a mom is the kid herself — that you get to have this little person be your friend and hang out with you (and drive you crazy!),” she told the mag at the time. “Obviously your life changes and your heart expands, and it’s something you can’t even put into words without sounding incredibly sentimental and cliched — both of which I am! But what it really is, is this new being is there, which is just the most fun ever.”
While pregnant with Seraphina, Jennifer said she used it as an excuse to enjoy more sweets.
“I always have cravings,” she also told Parents magazine. “It doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant or not! I use pregnancy as an excuse to say I’m craving ice cream and chocolate, but really, that’s just me.”
Jennifer spent this past weekend promoting her new film — “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” co-starring “Warrior’s” Joel Edgerton — at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif.
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Hurricane Irene slams Puerto Rico and major storm moves toward Florida, South Carolina

Hurricane Irene pounded Puerto Rico Monday, flooding streets and knocking out power to a million people as it cut a course that may lead it to slam into the South Carolina coast.
The storm - the first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season - is growing more powerful as it moves northwest, toward the Bahamas, at 13 miles-per-hour, forecasters told The Associated Press.
Its maximum winds increased to 80 miles-per-hour as of 11 a.m. Monday, and forecasters projected it would morph into a Category 3 hurricane - with winds of 115 mph - as it nears the Central Bahamas on Thursday.
It has caused major delays and cancellations at Caribbean and U.S. airports.
Irene's path could cause it to skirt the Florida coast and make landfall in South Carolina on Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Center.
"The official forecast calls for intensification and makes Irene a Category 3 hurricane as it moves across the central Bahamas," read an analysis by the National Hurricane Center on Monday afternoon.
"Irene is becoming a large cyclone."
Irene has lashed parts of Puerto Rico with 75 mph winds and dropped as much as 10 inches rain. Gov. Luis Fortuno issued a state of emergency and urged people to remain indoors, but there were no reports of deaths.
"This isn't the time to go out to find out what happened ... This is the time stay in your homes," Fortuno warned at a news conference.
Irene is threatening the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, but forecasters expect it to miss neighboring Haiti to the west, which is still expected to see heavy rain and winds.
Both nations share the island of Hispaniola, where a range of mountains could alter the path of the hurricane - changing the likelihood of it hitting South Carolina.
One forecaster said that is not anticipated, however.
"We don't expect this to get ripped up over the mountains of Hispaniola," Dennis Feltgen, a spokesman for the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, told The Associated Press. "We expect it to remain a hurricane."
Residents in Charleston, South Carolina, were warned to keep a close eye on Irene. The last hurricane to hit the area came six years ago, officials said.
If Irene were to make landfall in Florida, it could prove devastating to the state's citrus crop.
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Iran jails 2 American hikers for spying

Iran has sentenced two American hikers detained in the Islamic republic to eight years in prison on charges of "illegal entry" and "espionage," the state television website reported. It further said that the two have separately been "sentenced to five years in prison on charges of
espionage for the American intelligence agency." The report added that "the case of Sarah Shourd, who has been freed on bail is still open."
The lawyer for the Americans, Masoud Shafii, told AFP that he had not been informed of any decision since their trial ended on July 31.
Bauer and Fattal, both 28, were arrested along with Sarah Shourd, 32, on the unmarked border between Iran and Iraq on July 31, 2009, with the trio claiming they were hiking in Iraq's northern province of Kurdistan when they innocently strayed into the Islamic republic.
They have pleaded not guilty to spying charges. Shourd is being tried in absentia after she returned to the United States when she was freed on humanitarian and medical grounds in September, paying bail of around $500,000.
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Prince William, Kate Middleton Visit Birmingham Riot Victims

Kate Middleton and Prince William showed their support for victims of the riots by visiting Birmingham on Saturday.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to people affected, including the parents of the three men - Haroon Jahan and brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir - who were killed by a hit-and-run driver as they tried to protect local shops.
‘The families were pleased William and Kate took the time to come and meet them,' a friend tells the Daily Mirror.
‘It shows they're in touch with ordinary people.'
The royal couple, both 29, lifted residents' spirits and went on to visit shopkeeper Ajay Bhatia - whose store was looted by a gang of 70. He lost £20,000 worth of stock after a mob smashed down the front door.
'This sort of thing is not acceptable in our society,' William told him. 'It was a terrible ordeal.'
But the shopkeeper, who moved to the UK from Delhi, is working hard to restock and is delighted to have been granted British citizenship.
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Queensland fruit and vegetable growers worried about insecticide ban

A horticulture group in one of the country's largest production regions fears southern markets won't accept Queensland fruit if an agricultural chemical is banned.
The nation's chemical regulator could suspend the fruit fly control insecticide dimethoate because of human health concerns.
There are currently 26 products containing the chemical registered in Australia.
But Peter Hockings, from the Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers, says markets will be put at risk if the chemical is banned.
"In essence, the impact will be for the southern markets and that's the key issue for us," he said.
"The other practices that growers employ to control the fruit fly is not approved by those markets to allow the fruit and vegetables to be transported to those interstate markets."
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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: The World’s New Fastest and Expensive Car

The end-of-the-line Bugatti Veyron Super Sport isn't just the ultimate Bugatti. With a top speed of 268 mph, the 1,200-hp übercar is now also the new fastest production car in the world.Just 30 of the ultra-rare, ultra-quick and ultra-pricey Bugatti Veyron Super Sports will be built as a final send off to one of the most coveted and extreme modern cars built. To mark the occasion Bugatti sent its test driver to Germany's Ehra-Lessen proving grounds along with some folks from the Guinness Book of Records to measure the top speed.
With a stated goal of 264 mph, Henri Raphanel managed to shatter the car's current top speed of 253 mph with two runs averaging 268 mph. It also left the 256 MPH SSC Ultimate Aero TT sucking its expensive German tailpipes. Unfortunately, the car will be electronically limited to just 258 mph so the owners don't destroy the tires.
All this speed comes courtesy of the additional 199 hp achieved through four larger turbos, some engine tuning, bigger intercoolers, and German troll dust. The chassis has also been tweaked with new shock absorbers and more travel to allow the car to stay planted to the road at high speeds while pulling 1.4 g's.
The car will bow at the Pebble Beach Concours, but even if you had the money to afford it you'd be too late. This car is likely spoken for.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kate and Pippa Middleton walk around Llanddwyn Island

Kate Middleton wore wellies for a walk around Llanddwyn Island with her sister Pippa yesterday. The scenic spot is near Kate's home in North Wales and is part of a large nature reserve. The sisters were dressed down for the outing, which comes just days after a more formal appearance for Kate. Kate Middleton was in Alexander McQueen to meet with a group of responders that helped with the London riots and William was by her side for the royal engagement last week. Kate's been lying low since returning to the UK from her trip to North America in July, though Pippa has been seen stepping out around town. She was spotted meeting her mom Carole for lunch and also showed her support for boyfriend Alex Loudon at a cricket game.
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Prince Harry breaks off romance with girlfriend after two months

Prince Harry has ended his short romance with his latest sweetheart, underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.
The split comes just two months after the pair got together and sources have revealed that the prince just doesn't want to be 'tied down'.
Miss Brudenell-Bruce - who used to go out with Formula 1's Jenson Button - asked him to join her on holiday in Ibiza next month, but that will not now happen.
The 25-year-old had won the approval of Royal aides and only two weeks ago they were described as a 'dream couple'.
They were reported to have got so serious that she had been introduced to Prince William and others close to Harry which was seen as a significant step.
A source said she went 'down a storm in the Royal household'.
One of the reasons behind the split is thought to be his commitment to his work in the Blues and Royals in the Army Air Corps.
'Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment,' a source told the Daily Mirror. 'He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that he's expecting to return to Afghanistan.
'Harry enjoyed spending time with friends over the summer, but he doesn't want to be tied town in a relationship when training, so he called time with Flee.'
Earlier this year he split up with his long term on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy after they briefly rekindled their romance and she even went to the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.
Miss Brudenell-Burce, however, was not afforded the same privilege at the wedding of Harry's cousin, Zara Philips to rugby player Mike Tindall.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Smoke-Free Tertiary Education Environment

Not everyone is yet aware that although second-hand smoke is dangerous to health, the danger doesn't stop there because there is also third-hand smoke to consider.
To those who feel that third-hand smoke is a conspiracy to rob smokers of their right to smoke in addition to guilt tripping them, here is an article from Scientific American that defines and documents the dangers of third-hand smoke.
Here's yet another article from the reputable Mayo Clinic.
There are too many articles about the reality of third-hand smoke to include here. So, given that so much has already been written about the dangers of smoking, second and third-hand smoke, it would be wise for those of us who don't smoke to be aware of those who do smoke around us. After all, those of us who choose not to smoke would really rather not bring home to our loved ones second and third-hand smoke. It simply isn't fair for those who have chosen to be non-smokers to pay the cost of being exposed, unwittingly, to second and third-hand smokes.
It is true that smokers have a right to choose whatever lifestyle pleases them, but then, non-smokers, infants and young children who cannot yet choose for themselves, have a right to clean air and physical surroundings free of residual nicotine and other chemicals. had this to say about the chemicals in cigarettes: "The list of 599 additives approved by the US Government for use in the manufacture of cigarettes is something every smoker should see. Submitted by the five major American cigarette companies to the Dept. of Health and Human Services in April of 1994, this list of ingredients had long been kept a secret."
Smokers are empowered in that they can choose to stop smoking, hopefully, before it's time to pay up for the tar in the lungs and the dingy yellow on what used to be white walls!
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9 Ways Your Business Needs To Change To Become Social

Social media has changed the way we do almost everything.  We make buying decisions, find jobs, play games, listen to music and learn socially.   But for business it’s clearly been a more challenging shift.  Engaging in social media requires a fundamental change to the way businesses function and think. No wonder so many are slow to embrace social media and devote budgets to it.
The challenge is that most businesses are stuck in traditional thinking and marketing that doesn’t translate well to a social atmosphere, on- or off-line. While many people are advocating the evolution of businesses to becoming, “social businesses,” few people are outlining specific changes that will help them.
Here are some ways traditional business need to evolve to become social:
1. The concept of an audience is outdated.
People are not out there with their hands in their laps listening intently as your company gives a speech, issues a press release or announces the new service you are excited about. They won’t wait for the 15-minute question and answer period at the end of that speech. They are commenting on your Facebook post on Saturday and looking for your answer to their tweet on Monday night. You may be able to start a conversation, but like real life conversations, you can’t be sure where it will end up.  Your only hope is to develop a community and then behave in a way that respects the members.  You’re going to live or die by that community.
2. Size (alone) does not matter.
Touting audience numbers is a holdover from the days when all businesses had to evaluate their advertising expenditures were magazine readership and Neilson T.V. viewership. The number of visitors, subscribers, likes and followers is not the most important fact.  Anyone can get 15,000 Twitter followers.  That’s why you see a Twitter handle with 300 followers that has a higher Klout score than one with twenty times that number.  Your hundred thousand Facebook “likes” is irrelevant if no one comments or clicks on your links because your posts won’t be shown in anyone’s feeds.  Even a million visitors isn’t really a big number if your bounce rate is 95%. Engagement is measurable and it’s far more important than the top line number.  The difference between the top line number and engagement is the essence of what it means to be social.

3. Empathy and caring trump strategy.
Strategy conjures up images of battle — you against the consumer. In the evolved, human form of marketing that is social media, empathy should inform the decisions you make. If you can empathize with the people you want to reach; if you can sense what they need, because you care about them, you’ll be better off than if you set out with the idea of making moves to force them into a position. How can you do that? They are talking to you and you are talking to them every day. You measure the results of the content you offer.  You listen. The studied, carefully crafted approach may have worked 15 years ago but it is devoid the feeling that is part of social interactions.
4. You can’t get people’s attention with marketing messages.
Marketing messages fall on deaf ears. There’s just too much noise out there.  No matter how nicely the message is wrapped up in a bow and placed on a blog or Facebook page, a marketing message is still a pitch, and people have become immune to the pitch.  We earn the right to market in the context of a relationship that has been built over time.  The most effective marketing doesn’t come from your business anyway.  The most effective marketing happens when influential people choose to share your story. This concept may be well known but judging by the actual behavior of brands, it may be the last of the dinosaur ideas to become extinct.
5. Writing is more important than copywriting.
The goal of copywriting is to convince someone to take an action. Copywriting is a holdover from the days of broadcast style marketing. It aims to manipulate and drive people to act. Writing brings people into your world, tells your story, and engages them. Then they decide to act. Copywriters, please don’t take offense. Good copywriters are good writers. Even if you only have six words at your disposal, you should be writing. Hemingway famously told a story in six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” That’s not copywriting.
6. It’s personal.
Some individuals at your organization will need to come out from behind the corporate curtain and speak from the heart. People connect with people.  People buy from people.  Who at your company is going to get comfortable with that?
7. Speed matters. A lot.
Big corporations tend to move slowly.  There are committees and meetings and chains of command. The legal department may want to get involved.  This process only offers the illusion of control and is the kiss of death in social media.  Solve this by creating social media guidelines and policies and carefully hiring and training customer facing employees.  There is no time for bureacracy in social media.
8. Results require patience.
So, they may ask, where’s the bottom line here? If your company is used to measuring the results of a campaign, they may have to shift their thinking.  Campaign thinking is antithetical to social media.  You may have a campaign to bring more people to your Facebook page but it’s what happens with them over time that matters.  Campaign thinking is short sighted. Social media is about creating relationships.  Relationships and trust take time. You may have to act quickly on social media, but look to the longer timline to measure results.
9. Influence is the new power.
The old media had centralized power.  They had the power to say, “No,” to your company’s article or press release. They had the power that came from being “it” for information. The new media has influence.  A  single mom blogger may only have 1,000 readers a month, but those readers check in every day, and they care deeply about the person blogging and what she thinks.  When that little blogger expresses love for your product or concern about your product’s ingredients, she might be able to change the behavior of a large portion of her readers. Multiply that times thousands of mom bloggers –some with scores of thousands of readers.  Of all the opportunities for brands to engage in social media, connecting with bloggers and building content-rich blogs to be the least universally adopted.
In this scene from Mad Men, replace the word “television” with “social media.”  When Harry, a media buyer at the agency, tentatively proposes that there should be a department devoted to this up-and-coming new media form called television, Roger Cooper anoints him head of this new department of one. That seems to be where some companies are right now with social media. It’s hard to blame them. Who really wants to step whole-heartedly into something that will require them to change the entire way they do business?
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Hilary Duff Is Pregnant!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Their Family

They've munched on crickets in Cambodia and surfed the waves in Cancun, but for the six children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, life in the boisterous family is as much about everyday bonding as it is the big adventure.

"The children are always playing, jumping on each other and sharing fun moments," a source tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story. "They share a special bond."

Leading the pack: oldest son Maddox, 10, who "is almost like a teenager now, the way he understands things," says another source. "He's grown up very quickly."

But his younger siblings are rapidly growing up, too. Six-year-old Zahara and her 5-year-old sister Shiloh are especially close, while 7-year-old Pax "has become more independent in the past year," says an insider. And with twins Knox and Vivienne now 3 – they help pack their own suitcases! – the family is settling into a lower-key, if still decidedly adventurous, rhythm.
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Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Take Louis Hiking in Wyoming

That was Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock's plan last weekend, as they explored Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park – with Reynolds, 34, carrying Bullock's son Louis in a hiking backpack
Bullock, 47, has a home in the Jackson Hole area and has been vacationing there with a group of friends, according to the report.

The two actors are famously close, with Bullock surprising Reynolds earlier this month on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of his movie The Change-Up.

"They are like family, like a brother and sister," a source tells PEOPLE of their friendship. "It's not a love affair. They've been friends for over 10 years, and they care for each other deeply. They support each other and have a lot of fun together."
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Natural Insecticides are a better alternative

Many people have their hobbies of gardening. If you go to countryside of Norfolk you will get to see many orchards adjacent to yard of the British people. But just think if your orchard is harmed by insects and pests like fungus, bacteria and virus then what would be your way out without using chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and or other types of agrochemical products.
To protect their detrimental effects and maintain healthy soil and healthy plants without the use of chemical insecticides and fertilizers, natural insecticides are a better alternative.  If fruits and vegetables are grown with natural insecticides and without chemical pesticides and insecticides then it is a profit from our side. It is true that they may not taste better than the fruits and vegetables that supermarket offers but it is sure that they do not contain any pesticide residues.
But we have seen maximum people to use a number of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides in the soils and on the plants.  Most of them are disrupters, neurotoxins; some of them are carcinogenic.
On the other hand biological pest control includes insecticides that are derived from plants or prepared from plants or other naturally occurring substances such as microorganisms.
There are generally five basic types of treatment to control pests: chemical insecticides, botanical insecticides, organic pesticides, insecticide soaps and predatory insects.
In the process of preparing biological pest control includes insecticides which are prepared from plants or other naturally occurring substances such as microorganisms.
On the other hand chemical insecticides are prepared through the admixture and reaction of different chemical elements. When you apply them in the long run they can kill the beneficial insects that add nitrogen in the soil or in the root of the plants. These beneficial insects help to mitigate the attack of pests on plants, and keep your garden alive and healthy.
Besides there is another cheap procedure labelled as homemade natural insecticides which are prepared from some basic ingredients available to your homes. Here you only need one gallon water, one tablespoonful baking soda and 2.5 tablespoons vegetable oil etc.
But among all these process natural insecticides are best and being prescribed by ecologist. They have double benefit firstly for low cost and then useful for environment and plans and animals as well.
Nowadays when people are driven by the concept of go green and looking to save environment form pollution, then it is supposed that natural insecticide products are the best alternative to reach us towards our goal, mission and vision.  They are the best alternative for pollution free green world.
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Kim Kardashian is "so nervous" about walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

The reality TV star - whose biological dad, Robert, passed away in 2003 to esophageal cancer at the age of 59 - admitted she is fearful of falling over and fainting during the ceremony of her marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries on Saturday (20.08.11).
Speaking to Extra's Mario Lopez, Kim - whose mother Kris has been married to Bruce Jenner since 1991 - explained: "I was so nervous to walk down the aisle by myself.
"For some reason I wasn't thinking, like, 'Oh, Bruce will be there right with me,' so I was thinking, 'I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna faint, oh my God, my train!' "
The 30-year-old socialite - whose dress will be designed by her close friend Vera Wang - has been seeking advice from supermodel Tyra Banks about the gown prior to her big day.
The talk show host told People magazine: "I gave [Kim] the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn't used to seeing her in. So we'll see."
Despite her nerves, Kim recently explained the wedding planning process has been "more" than she could have hoped for.
She said: "I mean it's been so like everything that I have dreamed of and more. I had no idea how much work really goes into wedding planning and I really do have this newfound respect for Sharon Sacks, my wedding planner!"
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30 Rock star Tina Fey gives birth to little girl

Tina Fey is celebrating the safe arrival of baby No 2.
The Mean Girls writer and her composer husband Jeff Richmond, 50, welcomed the little girl on Wednesday and named her Penelope Athena Richmond, her rep confirms to People.
The couple are already parents to Alice, 5, who's very excited about becoming a big sister, says her mum.
In her memoir Bossypants, Tina, 40, reveals that she felt anxious about having another child.
She was torn between motherhood and her career, but eventually decided to try for another baby.
'What's so great about work anyway?' writes the 30 Rock actress.
'Work won't visit you when you're old. It won't drive you to get a mammogram and take you out after for soup.'
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Car Tips : Use Less Fuel and Lower Pollution

We are polluting our planet each and every day, and each day the amount of pollution we are producing keeps growing. We have already caused harm to our ozone layer and measures need to be taken to help ensure that that our planet will be able to make it through. Therefore, here are some tips that you can put into action in order to reduce the pollution generated by your car on a regular basis.

One critical step you can take is to appropriately blow up your tires. This may seem a little peculiar however let me explain. Any time your tires are low on air you are not receiving the maximum fuel usage that you would be getting if your tires were correctly inflated. It comes down to friction, the less air your tires possess, the more of the tire is making contact with the terrain causing you to have to provide the car more gas to maintain your velocity. And by using more gas, you are making more smog. When your tires are inflated correctly you will be using much less gas and creating far less pollution.

Remember to give your family car a tune up each year. Many people today don’t comprehend the magnitude of this. Each year replacing your spark plugs and electrical wires will help your car to run better. When your spark plugs get old and worn out they cause your car to produce more by-products or pollution. Which additionally means you’re not getting the greatest gas mileage. You are able to keep your car in far better running order and also create lower amounts of pollution by changing your spark plugs a minimum of once per year.
Many people neglect to change their engine oil. You can find people who change their oil after every 3000 miles and there are people who actually may just change it annually. Through keeping your car’s oil clean, you are keeping your car functioning properly and thus, yet again you will be getting much better gas mileage and reducing pollution. If you change your very own oil take care to properly recycle the used oil. Any neighborhood mechanic or auto store should be able to recycle your used oil. And they are certainly not allowed to charge you a service charge for this, so because it’s free please recycle your used oil.
There are other little things you can accomplish to also help lessen your pollution and save fuel. One thing is to make certain you have a nice and clean air filter in your vehicle. A fresh and clean air filter can easily help increase gas mileage. You should additionally keep your automobile thoroughly clean. You’ll experience less wind resistance when your car is clean. Therefore by keeping your car spotless not only can you enhance your gas mileage a little, your car will furthermore end up lasting you longer. And when your car lasts for a longer time, less cars are being created and less pollution is being created from the creation of new cars.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Toyota iQ:the first four-seater car in the micro-compact automobile category

Think the little two-seater Smart Car looks interesting zooming down the freeway? Starting in the first half of next year, expect to see yet another teeny, tiny car rolling down the streets of your town.
Toyota announced that it will soon begin shipping the 2012 version of its minuscule Scion iQ, the first four-seater car in the micro-compact automobile category.
"The iQ is the fourth vehicle in the family, and it will define the premium micro-subcompact segment as the choice for new urbanites who want clever transportation without a sacrifice in style or new features," said Jack Hollis, Scion's Vice President.
At just over ten feet in length, the iQ is only one foot longer than Smart's ForTwo, despite fitting in legroom for a family of four. Toyota calls its new offering a "premium micro-compact," adding in anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability assist, and a whopping 11 air bags, all designed to make you feel safer maneuvering around all of the speeding mega-SUVs.
If you've a smaller family, the back seats split, with either or both folding down to provide additional trunk space.
Like most micro-compacts, don't expect a lot of get-up-and-go, given its 94 horsepower 1.3 liter four cylinder engine - roughly the same as a decent motorcycle, and a little over half that of a 2012 Ford Focus. It's all about fuel efficiency, and the iQ sips gas at 37 mpg. The 160-200 watt Pioneer audio system might more than make up for the lack of zip in the engine.
Interested? Expect to plunk down around $16,000 - $17,000 after freight costs, taxes and registration fees. I might be persuaded to wait for the all-electric version, to be introduced later next year.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

BRITNEY Spears has been banned from owning a mobile phone.

The Toxic hitmaker — who has been under a legal conservatorship following her 2008 breakdown which gives her dad Jamie control over all her affairs — has had a number of conditions placed upon her in order to stop her from getting out of control.
It is thought owning her own phone could land the 29-year-old singer in trouble, so those close to her have removed it to keep her “under control”.
“Britney’s inner-circle keep a close eye on her to ensure she keeps herself together,” a source said.
“One of the rules is she gave up her cell phone. That helps them keep her under control.”
The move comes after the star — who has sons Sean Preston, five and Jayden James, four, with ex-husband Kevin Federline — was accused by her former bodyguard Fernando Flores of sending him nude pictures of herself from her phone, and then threatened to use them in a lawsuit against her.
In March, the pop superstar admitted she didn’t have access to a mobile device.
Speaking in a feature entitled 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me, Britney said, “I don’t own a cell phone.”
Meanwhile, Britney’s conservatorship is set to remain in place for the rest of the year.
“The conservatorship won’t be ending this year because everything is going well,” a source recently said.
“Britney is on tour again, which she truly loves. This would be the worst time to make a change, while she is on the road, and is in unfamiliar surroundings.
“There is just no reason for the conservatorship to end this year. The worst thing that could happen is that it ends, and Britney reverts back to her old ways, that would truly
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JESSIE J thinks Katy Perry has “amazing boobs”.

The openly-bisexual singer admitted she has a crush on the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker — who is married to Russell Brand — as she’s “so fit”
“Who’s hotter out of Russell and Katy? Katy! She’s so fit, and has the most amazing face and boobs,” Jessie said.
The Price Tag hitmaker also revealed she used to get bullied at school, and still has to put up with receiving hurtful comments on social networking site Twitter.
“It wasn’t horrific but it is tough to be called names,” she said. “These days people have said, ‘Come to my party!’ I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, the last time I saw you was years ago, when you were calling me names.’ That sticks with you.
“I shouldn’t have to deal with those kind of comments on Twitter, and no one else should either. I’m not going round hurting people. I’m just trying to make a difference with music.”
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Kim Kardashian Not Worried About Wedding

The reality TV star — who is set to marry basketball player Kris Humphries on August 20 — explained she is not worried about tying the knot with the professional basketball player because she had all of her “freak out moments” when they got engaged in May.
“Everyone says that you freak out, but I think that all of my freak out moments kind of happened at the beginning when we decided to get married this summer so that’s like when you are like, ‘Oh, when and where?’ So once all of those decisions were made, like this week I have been really calm,” she said.
The 30-year-old socialite didn’t realize just how much work goes in to organizing a wedding, but the process has still been very enjoyable and exciting.
“I mean it’s been so like everything that I have dreamed of and more. I had no idea how much work really goes into wedding planning and I really do have this newfound respect for Sharon Sacks, my wedding planner!” she added.
Part of Kim’s preparations for her big day has seen her plan to release a limited-edition perfume called Love by Kim Kardashian to coincide with the wedding.
Only 1,000 bottles have been produced, one of which she has taken to wear when she and Kris marry.
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Caffeine linked to woman’s fertility

A new study finds that as little as two cups of coffee a day can impair a woman’s fertility.
Researchers from the University of Nevada School of Medicine in the US found that caffeine could impair fertility in women by relaxing the cells of the muscles in the fallopian tubes, which carry a woman’s eggs from her ovaries to her womb.
“Caffeine inhibits the contractions of the muscles in the fallopian tube, so the egg stops getting transported,” study researcher Sean Ward told health website MyHealthNewsDaily.
Ward and his team tested the effect of caffeine on mice, which he said are similar reproductively to humans. The study didn’t give specifics on how much caffeine may impact fertility, but the amount they tested in their research was about the equivalent to two cups of coffee for humans.
“This provides an intriguing explanation as to why women with high caffeine consumption often take longer to conceive than women who do not consume caffeine,” stated Ward in a release.
Past research had also made the link between caffeine and fertility problems. A 1993 study found that drinking more than “moderate amounts” of caffeine can lower a woman’s likelihood of conceiving by as much as 27 percent. How much caffeine was too much? Drinking more than two cups of coffee a day, or 200 milligrams of caffeine. Also in this same study, women who drank as little as one cup of coffee a day lowered their chances of getting pregnant by 10 percent.
If you’re trying to get pregnant and having trouble, talk to your doctor about your caffeine consumption and how it might be affecting you. Caffeine affects everybody in different ways, and therefore may affect people’s fertility differently, Ward stated to MyHealthNewsDaily.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian Loves Food

Kim Kardashian will eat 'just about anything'.
The 30-year-old beauty - who is renowned for her curvy figure - admits there is little she would leave on her plate apart from peas, which she used to pretend to enjoy as a child but now will not touch.
She said: 'It's like a family rule: The table must be filled with tons of yummy food at every gathering. I'll eat just about anything you put in front of me - except peas.
'When we were growing up, my parents would make us finish our vegetables or we'd lose our playtime, so I had to get creative. One night, I found out that I could spit the peas into a glass of milk and they'd disappear!'
However, her trickery meant she had to volunteer to clean up afterwards so no one would know she hadn't eaten them.
She added to Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine: 'The only consequence was that I had to volunteer to do the dishes so no one would know my trick.'
Despite her love of food, Kim is thought to be on a wedding diet ahead of her marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries on August 20.
When one of Kim's twitter followers tweeted her last month saying, 'On my way to GNC to buy some quicktrim', Kim responded by writing, 'Take some for me! I'm about to start again! Wedding slimdown (sic)'
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the brain cells, both derived from cells of the brain itself (primary brain cancer) or from other organs that spread to the brain (secondary or metastatic brain cancer). Some types of brain cancer known include glioma, meningioma, pituitary adenoma, vestibular schwannoma, and medulloblastoma.
Unlike other types of cancer, brain cancer rarely spreads to other tissues so that the classification is based only on how fast the growth of cancer cells. Stage I means the cancer cells still appear normal and slow growth, while stage IV means the cancer cells look abnormal and grow very fast.
National Cancer Institute estimates that each year there are 22,000 new cases of brain cancer worldwide. Death rate is quite high, which is about 13,000 per year.
Causes of Brain Cancer
Secondary brain cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cells in other tissues are spread to the brain. Most types of cancer that spread to the brain include breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.
Meanwhile, primary brain cancer is caused by structural changes Nucleid Deoxyribo Acid (DNA) so that the growth is uncontrolled. Trigger changes in DNA are not known for sure, but suspected that many factors affect, among others, radiation, cigarette smoke and certain viral infections.
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Audi to start used automobile business in India

German oppulance automobile builder Audi now pronounced it will start operations for a used automobile business in India by a finish of this year, awaiting it to comment for adult to 20% of a new automobile sales in future.
“The proceed Indian marketplace is growing, there is an event in a used automobile business and we also wish to daub it. By a finish of a year, we will start a used automobile business underneath a Audi Approved Plus brand,” Audi India Head Michael Perschke told reporters here.
He pronounced a company’s “expectation in a prolonged tenure for a used automobile business is to have about 10-20% of a new cars sales in India”.
The association now launched a new chronicle of a sedan A6 labelled between Rs 37.7 lakh and Rs 47 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), that will be accessible in 4 variants.
The automobile is being fabricated during a Aurangabad trickery of VW organisation organisation Skoda.
With a association on an enlargement expostulate in India, Perschke pronounced a company, along with a dealers, will sinecure 600 people over a subsequent dual years.
It now has 13 dealers and is now looking to take it to over 25 by 2012, with opening of outlets in new cities like Coimbatore, Indore and Lucknow. By a finish of a year, a association will have 18 dealers in India.
“In perspective of this expansion, we will be infusing learned talent during 3 levels — corporate, dealership and production,” he said.
On a sales front, a association is aiming for over 5,000 units this year, adult from 3,003 in final year. So distant this year, it has sole 3,145 units in a Jan-July duration as opposite 1,626 units in a same duration final year, adult 93%.
“Our aim is to have 25% of a Indian oppulance automobile marketplace by 2015 and we are on track,” Pershke said.
The association expects a Indian oppulance automobile marketplace to cranky 50,000 units annually in a subsequent 5 years from about 15,000 units in 2010.
He also pronounced a association is evaluating marketplace conditions for bringing cars in a reduce shred though did not elaborate.
At benefaction a association sells sedans A4, A6, A8, A7 Sportback, sports application vehicles Q5 and Q7 along with sports cars R8 and R8 Spyder.
“We have adopted a tip down proceed in India and we know that there is event in a reduce shred where we are not now present. We are looking during it,” he said.
With a launch of a new A6 sedan, a association will be augmenting outlay from a Aurangabad plant.
“From September, we will be starting a double shift, that will boost outlay to 6,000 units a year from a progressing 3,000 units a year in a singular shift,” Perschke said.
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Rivera Made a Bit of Baseball History

It's not every day that you see both CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera play less than stellar. However, considering the heated rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, and the hostile grounds of Fenway Park, anything could theoretically be possible. 
Mariano Rivera, the Yankees star closer, gave up 1 hit, a double to Marco Scutaro, and a sacrifice fly to Dustin Pedroia, as the Bronx bombers lost 3-2 to the Red Sox in the 10th inning. Rivera has blown five saves this year, and 14 in his less than perfect career against the Boston Red Sox. Despite his latest misstep, Rivera still has 29 saves this season, with an impressive 1.87 ERA.
Are the chinks beginning to show in the armor of this crafty right-hander? Well, certainly, this future hall of famer is no spring chicken, as baseball players go. Rivera will turn 42 years old this year, and most certainly is in the twilight of his career. That having been said, his performance this year has still been mostly solid, and he would be the ideal closing pitcher for many struggling teams in MLB. While he might be ever so slightly more vulnerable than years past, it is still a sure bet that Mariano will have a few more saves coming throughout the duration of this season. With his game Sunday, Rivera made a bit of baseball history with his 1023rd pitching appearance, putting him solely in 10th place in baseball's all-time games pitched list. 
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Emma Watson Can Not Wait To Become a Mother

Although she was not yet so ripe to become a mother, Emma Watson was anxious to have a child. This was expressed after she got caught out with Johnny Simmon. “I can not wait to become a mother and have a small family of a harmonious and prosperous,” she said as quoted by Female Fisrt Monday.
According to her, children can relieve stress after working all day. Movie star ‘Harry Potter’ considered that smiles of children makes her able to find peace of mind.
But Emma did not know who the man who would accompany later life. Although recently, she was caught making out with Johnny Simmon.
“I do not want to comment on it. Many were interested in me but not all sincerely love me. Sometimes they just take advantage of any notoriety,” Emma said again.
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Kim Kardashian Starts To Distribute Wedding Invitations

Invitations have been distributed, Kim Kardashian will get married to Kris Humphries on August 20, 2011 in Montecito, California.
Invitations with white shades were designed by Lehr & Black who also designed the invitations of the Kim’s sister wedding, Khloe with her partner Lamar Odom. The invitation is adorned with jet black crystal and shipped in a box with the same nuanced.
Marriage is to be aired in the reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, like Khloe’s marriage in 2009.  At the invitation is not listed clearly the exact location of the wedding procession. Kim seems to want, but according to sources close to Kim, the artist’s wedding will nuanced black tie. Similarly told People on Tuesday.   Invitations have been distributed, Kim Kardashian will get married to Kris Humphries on August 20, 2011 in Montecito, California. Invitations with white shades were designed by Lehr & Black who also designed the invitations of the Kim’s sister wedding, Khloe with her partner Lamar Odom. The invitation is adorned with jet black crystal and shipped in a box with the same nuanced.
Marriage is to be aired in the reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, like Khloe’s marriage in 2009.
 At the invitation is not listed clearly the exact location of the wedding procession. Kim seems to want, but according to sources close to Kim, the artist’s wedding will nuanced black tie. Similarly told People on Tuesday.            
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Car with Hybrid Technology Help to Reduce The Pollution

Hybrid technology was developed in 1665, when Jesuit and Ferdinand made a four -wheel vehicle that could run by steam when pulled by a horse. This vehicle could reach speeds of up to sixty miles per hour. In these vehicles, it was difficult to maintain enough speed for a long distance. In the twenty-first century, new improvements had been made in hybrid technology, and companies have made advanced hybrid technology and created new cars. Toyota introduced its first four-door Sedan in 2000. After that, Honda introduced Honda Civic hybrids. In September, Ford introduced the Escape hybrid, which is its first American hybrid. Now, hybrid cars have become very popular.
Hybrid cars do not use gasoline when they idle. They use both fuel and electric power and use less energy when compared to other fuel-generated vehicles. The batteries of hybrid cars are made of thousands of hundreds of cell. These are operated differently, depending on your mode. This type of car combines the power of an electric motor with a gasoline engine. It is often presented as a transitional technology. On the road, the primary power source is the internal engine. When maximum power is required, the electric motor is used to assist maximizing the power for a short period. Sometimes, the engine is switched off when the car is stationary, reducing curbside emissions.
Is is important for anybody in the market for a hybrid car to remember that many hybrid vehicles have two engines. These cars usually use two sources of power. As described by the Lexus LS 600h’s makers, hybrid cars are the world’s first luxury Saloon, with large, high-output electric motors and a five liter, V8 petrol engine. These cars are as safe any other vehicles in their class. Hybrid cars have great mileage, but their purchase price is high in comparison to conventional vehicles that are also fuel -saving and green.
It is necessary that the batteries of hybrid car are replaced after every six years. This is a very important maintenance practice. Hybrids run on a combination of two power sources. First, hybrids run on normal but high-power gas engines designed to get maximum power to increase the mileage, using the minimum amount of fuel. Some hybrid trolley buses can use on-board diesel engines and overhead electric power, depending on conditions. This will combine with the battery subsystem to create a plug-in hybrid trolley buses. Hybrid cars are very high priced as compare to other vehicles.
Using hybrid electrical cars may help to reduce the pollution in the environment. These cars have helped to save our atmosphere from damage. Hybrid car manufacturers make more improvements in order to reduce the overhauling cost and to increase the mileage and drive capacity for people. Hybrids have special tires, which are more inflated than regular tires which are made of a rubber compound and have lower rolling resistance while retaining acceptable grip on the road. With all these advantages, with the rate offered by companies, it will not be surprising to find the modern household owning at least one hybrid car in the next ten years.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Royal Kardashian Wedding

The channel, which is Kardashian central already with the hit "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," will start showing Kim K wedding specials on the evening of October 9th, and will continue on the evening of October 10th. In total, there will be four full hours of Kim Kardashian wedding coverage, including discussion of the wedding planning, wedding parties, and of course the dress...which Kim recently announced would be a Vera Wang.
The whole thing rivals the Royal Wedding TV binge, but thankfully doesn't quite go to those levels. When all was said and done, the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton took up an entire day (not to mention the weeks leading up to it).
Here's the catch: though the invitation to watch this four-hour spectacle promises lots of wedding planning and party coverage, it says nothing about covering the actual wedding. So, only those truly interested in/transfixed in horror by Kim Kardashian need attend.
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Audi A6 Hybrid will release in 2012

A hybrid version of the Audi A6 luxury sedan will reportedly hit U.S. showrooms next year. says that several media reports say Audi will release the hybrid sometime in 2012, contradicting earlier reports that it would take years for the car to arrive, if it ever did.
More evidence -- the A6 hybrid already appears on the EPA's website on a list of hybrids to be released next year.
Car and Driver reports that the car will be priced "somewhere north of $55,000," or $13,000 more than the gasoline A6.
European testing shows the hybrid A6 gets a combined 38 mpg, so Americans should see an EPA rating in the low 30s. That's compared to the 25 mpg city and 33 highway the gas A6 gets.
Audi is also expected to release a clean diesel version of the A6 next year as well.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only $1 for Diagnosing HIV in 15 minutes

One of the most incredible parts of our technology world is where it meets up with the medical one and some of the incredible discoveries that seem to be happening everyday.
As much as we might complain about our healthcare systems the fact is that we have made some fantastic strides in ways to detect and treat diseases.
Much like this news from researchers at Columbia University who have discovered a way to quickly, 15 minutes quickly, diagnose HIV for a the cost of a single buck. Yes, just for a $1.00.
The diagnoses involves nothing more than a credit card size piece of plastic; that can be cheaply replicated using plastic injection molding as there are no moving parts involved, and an optical sensor. Called the mChip it will not only diagnose HIV, with a detection rate of 100%, but also syphilis, or HIV and syphilis together with only 4% to 6% false positive.
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Soulja Boy DROPS $55 MILLION ON PRIVATE JET in order to celebrate his 21st birthday in style.

Rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, otherwise known as Soulja Boy, is reportedly dropping $55 million on a private jet in order to celebrate his 21st birthday in style.
While the G5 jet itself “only” cost $35 million, Soulja Boy went ahead and spent an additional $20 million in upgrades so he could get his pretty boy swag on while flying the friendly skies.
The young artist’s renovation plans included the installation of 12 custom Italian leather seats, a luxury bathroom, flat screen television sets, four liquor bars, a tiled floor and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.
In addition to all interior upgrades, the outside of the jet will also be hit with a fresh coat of paint and will feature Soulja Boy’s logo.
And as if gifting himself a G5 wasn’t enough, TMZ reports that the ‘Crank That’ hit maker is also throwing himself a party at a Miami nightclub this Saturday to the tune of $300,000.
Guests expected to be in attendance include fellow celebrities Dwight Howard, Bow Wow, and Sean Kingston.
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Anti-Cellulite Creams for Reduction Cellulite in The Body.

Many people get problem with cellulite in the body.Cellulite is an accumulation of fatty deposits in the lower layer of the skin, which causes the appearance of orange peel. The skin is not smooth, and many people spend thousands of dollars in treatments and surgeries in hopes of getting rid of him. However, there is a simple and effective way to get rid of cellulite. It is also cheaper, because it is more expensive than surgery or spa treatments. We talk about the real use of anti-cellulite creams.
Cellulite creams are an effective method that can be easily used by your home. This is the best way to combat this problem. These creams contain antioxidants and mixtures of ownership of fat cells in groups and to prevent the appearance of cellulite. The skin becomes smoother and firmer. One of the most effective ingredients to fight cellulite creams is aminophylline. This ingredient has been tested effective in the treatment of cellulite. examined based on the research and results, the creams containing this ingredient are good products to get rid of cellulite. Many users have reported seeing a significant reduction in their cellulite problem.
The principle seems to work well with overweight people, since the results reported in a study of obese women. After applying the cream for a period of one month, has seen a reduction in their size. In these studies, a placebo was used on one side and a cream containing aminophylline on the other side. The woman unsatisfied.
Not only anti-cellulite creams to get rid of cellulite and aminophylline reduce the size, there is a second advantage. These creams do not seem to be secondary side effects and are safe to use. The science and demonstrate the effectiveness of this ingredient in the reduction of cellulite in the body.
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Kim Kardashian : The First 3-D Magazine Cover Girl

Kim Kardashian will be the first 3D magazine cover girl.
The 30-year-old reality star took part in the spread for World's Most Beautiful, which is the first ever magazine shot entirely in the format.
After watching eye-popping scenes in the Avatar movie, Photographer Nick Saglimbeni came up with the idea and Kardashian said she was excited about the new venture, which will bring her closer than ever to her fans.
"It's like you're popping out of the screen!" Kardashian enthused. "There are so many exciting things you can do with 3D. I can't wait to see what you do with it after this."
The photos can be best appreciated with a pair of standard red-cyan anaglyph glasses or in regular 2D version.
The undercover shoot was so top secret that even Kardashian did not know about the futuristic end result until later. She was "amazed" when Saglimbeni finally told her but said it was not her easiest shoot to date.
"We were in this abandoned mining town, doing this shot where I was all glammed out in black lace, and I had to lie down on this old wooden porch," Kardashian shared.
"I got so many splinters, in so many painful places, but I just stayed focused and tried to be sexy. I loved the contrast and how it all came together."
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